About Us

About the Company

Green Gold Ethiopia Pvt. Ltd. was founded almost two decades ago, by the family of coffee growers whose profession was to cultivate and trade in Arabica Coffee for many years.

The Green Gold Coffee Beans are sourced from the farmers of the highlands of South Western Ethiopia, which is traceable with the natural slow growing process, best suited for the world class quality. The environment is perfect to continue producing amazing coffee, without adding any thing to it. Our deep rooted connections with the farmers help us in sourcing world class beans, meticulously picked and curated by them with their age old knowledge transferred over generations. We have held our flag high for more than two decades, due to this quality. We are committed to provide the best quality beans for the “Single Origin” Specialty Cafés all across the world and promise to continue the tradition. We help build great relationships and social connections over our aromatic and smooth coffee made from our specially curated Green Gold Coffee Beans.

As a team of traditional growers, suppliers, roasters and baristas, we promise to serve you with the same taste, aroma and smoothness as ever.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to market and provide high quality speciality coffee , finest and freshest flavors to both domestic and international market. To set and mantain the highest standard of quality and ethics in everything we do.


Superior Moral Standard


Dependable Expertise and Professionalism


Exceptional Quality and Uniqueness

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be established and trusted as the perfect coffee business partner and to be among the leaders in our markets. To earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and our community.To provide perfect, delicious coffee products and excellent reliable services to our customers.
Green Gold Ethiopia

Types of Coffee

The company exports the best types of washed and unwashed coffee from parts of Ethiopia which are known for their quality coffee production. Thus we export washed coffee type such as Yirgacheffee Grade 2, Sidamo Grade 2, Limu Grade 2, Lekempti Grade 2 and Bebeka Grade 2, and unwashed coffee type such as Sidamo Grade 4, Lekempti Grade 4&5 and Djimmah Grade 5. Particularly the company is known by exporting excellent quality washed Lekempti Grade 2 which has good acidity, medium body, good quality cup and unwashed Lekempti Grade 5 which is light /medium acidity & body with fair average quality. The company has direct relationship with the interior areas which produce highest quality Lekempti coffee. We further prepare special blended coffee up on request.

Company Profile

Coffee to Ethiopia is almost as precious as gold; thus the implication of the company name Green Gold. Coffee is the Ethiopian gift to the world;

Green Gold Ethiopia P.L.C is a well experienced and dependable Coffee exporting company that delivers processed green, roasted and quality Ethiopian Coffee to the outside world.

As a Coffee exporting entity, it was established in 1989 under the name Hussein Agraw Coffee Exporting Enterprise. As a unique attribute, the company has a long experience in domestic coffee business and coffee production as well. This is the unique character of the company which enabled it to know more about coffee from its grass root level. These experiences has given the company a wider knowledge and opportunity to promote coffee business to the international market. The company as a major green coffee exporter has well qualified professionals in their respective field. Top from management group down to the lower functionaries. There are procurement, production and technique, export, Administrative & Finance departments under which there are different sections.
The company is equipped with modern green coffee processing plant which enables if prepare excellent quality coffee, both washed and unwashed.
The machineries are well advanced in preparing quality coffee. The warehouse is built with modern technology including ventilation system to store the coffee at a required temperature. Ideally coffee stores should be well ventilated with relatively humidity at about 60% and temperatures at about 20%. Our company beelines that quality must be reliable and consistent and should fit into roaster’s blend.
For instance, Roasters apply their own quality control to ensure that only acceptable coffees are utilized, and that the end product is reliable and of consistent quality throughout the year.
Green Gold Ethiopia P.L.C (GGE) gives special attention for quality. The company is supported by modern coffee laboratory equipment with top coffee liqueurs. Thus our client is always assured of receiving high quality coffee.
Coffee as you know is an extra ordinary delicate commodity. Its quality is first determined by essentials such as type of plant, soil condition and growing altitude.
In our company, quality control begins at buying the coffee at the auction. Center careful conditioning, grading and Hand sorting then follows. These combined with rigorous quality control and final hand sort before packing produces the finest green bean for which Green gold is renowned. All grades are continuously sample roasted and liquored by experts.
This provides a final check on the quality green bean product. A cup of superbly flavored Green Gold coffee is the culmination of years of experiences, methods of processing, introduction of new technological products, and the most stringent attention to maintain standard and quality control.
Modern communications permit traders to view developments on the future market in real time on a screen at their desks. If they are well organized, auctions and tender system provide good price transparency without directly involving the gov’t in the setting of export prices.
“In a contemporary world one can say we are witnessing a coffee revival,” as mini roasters revive the fine art of coffee blending and customers rediscover the joy of fresh roasted fresh ground, fresh-brewed coffee and espresso, made from the best beans in the world. The coffee they propose travels halfway around the world and lands on breakfast tables, offices and upscale coffee bars of the united states, Europe, Japan, and other developed countries where cosmopolitan consumers routinely pay half a day’s third world wages for a good cup of coffee. It is our export department, which deals with coffee sells. They are professionals with wide range of knowledge in the field and are well experienced. The increasing demand for organically grown coffee presents opportunity for our company with its ability to supply a naturally grown, naturally processed coffee.
The ever-increasing diversity of destination to where we export is largely due to our persistent effort to meet our client’s satisfaction. As a result we have been able to penetrate markets in different parts of the world. Since its inception as a company Green Gold has been actively involved in exporting Ethiopia green Arabica coffee to many consuming countries of Europe, Middle East, U.S.A and Japan. Although our major task is exporting green coffee abroad we have also direct linkage with many domestic coffee growing areas. This unique long year experience in a domestic coffee business gave as the opportunity to bridge the gap which high quality requirement that our clients expect from us. Because of the fact that we concentrate on quality aspect and always try to maximize our client’s satisfaction. We managed to penetrate new markets in different parts of the world. In a very short period of time we succeeded in establishing excellent business relationship with many coffee importers & roasters. The company rapidly gained good reputation for exporting the finest Ethiopian Arabica Coffee. The reputation has been continuing to grow and the company becomes known to many roasters, trading houses and coffee importers.
Efforts are now being made to restore consistency to the quality of the beans prepared for exportation. Concerned parties are working on it to fill the gap existed between the existing quality standard and client’s expectations. We are also doing our best to contribute our share towards client’s maximum satisfaction in quality. Our company will continue to exert all its efforts to prove that Ethiopia grows one of the finest coffee beans in the world. We highly believe in customer’s satisfaction.
We fully expect to see further improvements in quality and in services we give and we become one of the leading coffee exporters in Ethiopia. We also believe in on reserved free enterprise, healthy competition amongst many exporters. The company has also an excellent reputation locally and has an excellent working relations with concerned government institutions and others. The company is a member of Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association and Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and is also planning to be member of SCAA and other important regional and international coffee oriented organization. Green Gold Ethiopia is planning to increase its volume of export by allocating more additional capital. The company is using modern up to date communication technologies to optimize its man power capabilities and maximize its efficiency and effectiveness in service giving.
We are also introducing new detailed guidelines and performance evaluation in each activity of our management system.
The company is equipped with modern communication technologies to effectively discharge its day to day activities (Internet and E-mail service fax and web sites). We believe that every information regarding coffee should be carefully understood and analyzed. Daily Reuters economic services are provided through Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association. In the analysis of coffee market, we usually follow the so-called the law of optimal ignorance and low of proportionate accuracy. The most effective analysis requires a wide-ranging knowledge of coffee in all its aspects. This includes an understanding of prediction techniques, marketing systems, packaging, transport access and promotion. Accurate fore casting therefore requires a good command of technical information at all stages of the production processing and marketing and consumption chain enhanced by constant contact with the coffee community.