Coffee Farms and Cultivation

The company runs multi acres of rural farmlands growing coffee sustaining the practice in a second generation takeover. Our cultivation mechanisms are specialized on their own carried out in a careful mix of agricultural modernity with maintaining the unique attributes of wildness coffee grains. Our long years of direct engagement in coffee farming has enabled us to select farmlands that are exclusively suited in every aspect for cultivation and growing all-natural wild green beans that are nurtured through an unadulterated wild habitat where coffee is meant to breed naturally. The farms are located 540 kms from Addis Ababa in Oromiya Region, Wollagga Zone, Qore Koker vicinity, which is 97 kms from the town of Ghimbi; and an area renowned for yielding unique brand wild coffee grains. The company has launched an out-grower scheme designed to ensure farmers benefit in terms of links in knowledge transfer, availing of technology and introduction of marketing techniques. It is in the company’s strategic plan to considerably expand the sizes of our farms to a total of 1,000 hectares by the year 2023 and also change the common trend by making the cultivation, processing and packaging right at the farmlands thereby starting exporting coffee from the lands of harvest. The results will be availing of organic and traceable coffee for local and particularly international customers specifically demanding the brand from its natural origins. Our coffee farming and cultivation is carried out in strict adherence to international principles of environmental protection, fair-trade, equitable farmer compensation; and corporate responsibility towards community development and equal opportunity. We have been actively involved in and will continue supporting child education through material and financial support to the community like our continuous support to the Gute Boru Elementary School in the area. It is also incorporated in the company’s Five-Year Strategic Plan to increase our community support activities and diversify areas of involvement in our corporate responsibility undertakings.

Coffee Processing Plants and Warehousing

The company owns and runs advanced processing plants where green coffee beans are processed to yield superior standard coffee after technically analysing the qualities of cherry parchment or pre-hulled coffee the plants receives. The plant’s sundries and washing mills precede a warehousing system where beans are kept categorized by origin quality and specific trait; and sequential quality control procedures and export classification done with professional expertise. With the view of according our clients with exceptional quality end-product, we never compromise in quality; implementing control mechanisms equipped with ultra-modern coffee laboratory expertly run by qualified and experienced coffee liquorers. We have, has as a result, been proud recipients of numerous national and international certificates of recognition and awards and trophies for products of outstanding quality.

Coffee Export and International Outreach

Actively involved in coffee export for several years, Green Gold Ethiopia has for long been exporting Ethiopian green Arabica coffee to a number of countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and also the United States. It has established solid and continuing partnerships with several prominent international coffee buyers and companies in many countries. Apart from its membership, the company also has held the leadership role in the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association for successively for over a decade. The company is currently engaged in a grand strategic vision of further expanding its coffee export outreach to more countries around the globe and avail Ethiopian’s gift to the world by introducing the uniquely Ethiopian breed of coffee Arabica to as much places and people as possible in few years.

Coffee Roastery and Café

To maintain its unique brand all the way from the farm to the coffee cup, the company has setup modern roasting machinery operated by staff specially trained for the purpose of coffee roasting with special expertise and craftsmanship. What would make us stand out in that regard is that our artful roasting and brewing of organic and uniquely flavored coffee is done in full view of patrons served in our own Green Gold Roastery and Café. The café, which is one-of-a-kind in the city, has its interiors artfully designed in coffee inspired concepts with aura of inviting serenity and soothing aroma of naturally grown coffee harvested from 100% Ethiopian Arabica Brand. Our Treats are ready to either enjoy sipping professionally brewed varieties inside the Café, or in skillfully packaged roasted beans for take-home pleasure, or memorable gifting to loved ones. Our patrons are provided with not only various types of common roast profiles like dark to medium, cinnamon hue to light roast; but also roasting that can be specifically tailored to the individual preferences of our clients. That remains a speciality we at Green Gold Ethiopia are so proud of. Come and witness coffee defined in art, skill and friendliness. You will treasure an experience you never thought was possible!


Immaculate, exquisitely designed, fully furnished two bedroom apartments and an ultra-luxurious 10th floor penthouse with panoramic view of the city in almost 180⁰ of unobstructed sighting. We offer state-of-the-art top class living units completed with stylish finishing. All apartments are set for relaxing and extra comfortable living fitted with elegant and high quality furniture including fully functional kitchen sets with modern equipment of all necessities. These apartments are located in the middle of town about 300 meters from the UN compound of Addis Ababa. The building is equipped with guaranteed security features including 24/7 CCTV with extended surveillance coverage in all sections, secured and reserved underground parking and resident exclusive elevator that feel like a business class cruise. Other features include unlimited power supply with backup and uninterruptable water flow all year through.