Coffee Export & International Outreach

With 20 years’ experience in the coffee industry, coffee farm, on site coffee roaster and lab, quality graders and latest machinery we are among the pioneer specialty coffee exporters in Ethiopia.  Actively involved in coffee export for several years, our company has for long been exporting Ethiopian Arabica coffee to various countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Our coffee is highly preferred and demanded in the Gulf region and Middle East, where coffee consumption is high. Perhaps it is because some of our coffee types are best to make the popular Arabic coffee or ‘Qahwa’.  Our coffee is much appreciated in this region as it comprises of the flavors demanded in the area and is perfect for making espresso, filter coffees, Arabic coffee, Turkish coffee and many more. Due to this we have been successful at gaining fruitful friendships from the Gulf region.


We export coffee sourced from our farm, speciality coffee, commercial and single origin coffee. Here’s an insight of some of our coffee products. We also export other coffee types on request.



Exclusively sourced from our farm
Altitude1700-2200 masl
CupWild fruity finish, good acidity and medium body.
Farm OwnerHussien Agraw (Green Gold Coffee)
TownWollega, Qore Koker


Altitude 1,950 - 2,150 masl
CupPeach, berries, citrus, jasmine. Full body, creamy mouthfeel, & delicate acidity.


Altitude1770-2200m (5790-7210 ft)
CupBright acidity, medium body, marked Jasmine and lemon flavours


Altitude 1700-2200 masl
Cupslightly fruity cup characteristic. Good acidity medium body.


Altitude1650-2000 masl
CupLight acidity, full bodied with a fruity flavour


Altitude1400-2100 masl
Cup Winey, spicy flavor with fruity and floral tone. Medium acidity and well balanced cup.


Altitude1900-2200 masl
RegionGuji, Hambela
CupTropical fruits like red berries, cherry, bergamot, floral.
Sweet, balanced & complex cup.